Tuesday 11 December 2012

Sentier Implements Custom Cloud-Based ERP/WMS for Butcher Industrial Finishings Inc.

Our blog may have been quiet lately but we’ve sure been keeping busy!  

In the summer we were approached by the forward thinking management team at BIFI. The challenge: to replace their entire outdated system. This included everything from inventory management, production scheduling, shipping and receiving, invoicing, purchasing, you name it.

The solution we delivered is an entirely custom cloud-based system. The benefits of a cloud-based solution for BIFI are many. In addition to allowing authorized users to access the system on the road or at home, offering support for a wide range of internet enabled devices, and freeing BIFI from the responsibility of security, maintenance and backups, the primary benefit of our solution is affordability.

Our solution comes with no upfront costs. There is no need to upgrade any servers, no expensive software packages to buy. Everything including the use of the system, regular backups, maintenance and support are all covered by the low monthly fee.

We enjoyed working with the management team at BIFI on this project and thank all involved for making the launch go so smoothly. We are quite proud that this large project was completed ahead of schedule while maintaining our high standard for quality. To us, true success is when our customers are completely satisfied. We are very pleased to add the BIFI System to our list of successes.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

PTI Label System launched at Del Sol Greenhouses

We are pleased to announce the successful launch of a custom integrated PTI label printing and shipping system at Del Sol Greenhouses. 

The system enables Del Sol to print GS1 compliant PTI labels as well as custom pallet labels. This makes shipping a snap. Pallets are scanned as they are loaded onto a trailer and when complete a packing slip is printed in the shipping area. 

Finally the system is integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks allowing sales orders to be generated automatically.

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Yard Commander Version 1.1 Released

Our strategy behind Yard Commander was to create the cleanest and easiest-to-use cloud-based yard management software on the market. We feel strongly that we achieved our goal and are very proud of the intuitive interface we have developed. To see for yourself contact us to schedule a short 10 minute demo at your convenience.

Sometimes a customer requires a feature or functionality which is quite unique to their industry or operation. We can tailor a version to meet the specific needs of a customer even if it means extensive changes. These changes will only affect that customer's version of Yard Commander while leaving all others unchanged.

If and when we come across a new feature or functionality that would be useful  for the majority of our customers we will consider adding it as part of an upgrade to the product. Such is the case for our most recent upgrade to version 1.1.

Upgraded features for version 1.1 include the ability to prioritize trailers and new easier-to-use calendar controls for the reports.

Monday 16 July 2012

Butcher Industrial Finishings Inc. Implements Yard Commander

Choosing to upgrade from a competitor’s YMS product, Butcher Industrial Finishings Inc. (BiFi) has selected Yard Commander as the Yard Management Software for their facilities located in Brampton, ON.

Considering projected growth, BiFi needed a feature rich yet simple to use YMS that would easily grow with their business. The software they had been using lacked several features offered by Yard Commander, most importantly the ability to expand and manage more yards without an increase in the cost of the software.

Sentier worked with BiFi to migrate their existing data to Yard Commander making today’s launch seamless. 

Thursday 12 July 2012

Sentier signs IT support agreement with Butcher Industrial Finishings Inc.

We are happy to announce that Butcher Industrial Finishings Inc. (BiFi) has selected Sentier to provide IT support services for their facilities in Brampton, ON

Bifi uses the most technologically advanced processes to provide their customers with the highest quality industrial finishes. Their operation relies on a custom suite of software to run and manage production and they have recognized that Sentier is ideally suited to provide support and integration services to their mission critical systems. 

Wednesday 4 July 2012


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Aaron Barnhard
Managing Partner
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